Sunday, May 15, 2011

NIQP: Mortal Kombat

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Cheesy one liners and crappy special effects are a staple of any good 90s action movie, and Mortal Kombat is no exception. Surprisingly faithful to the plot of the video game from which it's based, Mortal Kombat tells the story of 3 chosen humans who have to defend the "earth realm" from Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung in a martial arts tournament.

Most of the flaws with this movie stem from the poor writing. Why is Johnny Cage wandering in the forest? Why does Shang Tsung really want Liu Kang, Sonya and Johnny Cage at the tournament? Who's this token black dude that they all care so much about? Why is Sonya suddenly a damsel in distress? Would Johnny Cage and Sonya just kiss and get it over with? Is it possible for Christopher Lambert to overract anymore? These are just a few of the questions raised by the script. Most of this can be hand waved away with "Who cares it's all just an excuse to have these people fight." but then why do the main characters so rarely use the special moves they're known for? Also what is the point of the shitty cgi Reptile? Who came up with that?

Despite all of this I still enjoyed the movie since it is essentially just an excuse to watch characters from a video game fight each other, especially enjoyable since Mortal Kombat is experiencing a bit of a rennessance after the newest game came out last month. Really I would just be happy if it were an hour and a half of this with people randomly fighting.

Oh and remember, "Those were five hundred dollar sunglasses asshole".

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Jai said...

This is an easy movie to MST3K. I watched it with DJMatt the last time I saw it... lots of fun. I think I might have ruined the movie for him. It's still a charming movie in it's own right, by which I mean, if you compare it to shit like the Mario Bros. movie, or the movie sequel to Mortal Kombat.

Hell of a soundtrack, though! I can't make fun of that, and I can only un-ironically enjoy it. FATALITY.