Saturday, May 14, 2011

NIQP: Beer Wars

If you know me, you know how much I despise major American beer commercials and the piss water they are made to sell. The documentary Beer Wars was made for people who share this belief. It shows how much of a stranglehold Anheiser Busch has on the beer industry and gives a closer look at a couple of companies trying to gain a portion of the marketshare, such as Dogfish Head and a very small company that makes Moonshot, a caffeinated beer.

The first part of this documentary is a little all over the place as it introduces us to the major three beer manufacturers, A-B, Coors and Miller, and how much they spend on advertising. It really settles down in the second act where it tells the story of smaller more independent breweries. The film jumps back and forth between painting AB as this mega evil corporation and the struggles of the smaller companies. These parts of the movie, where they talk about the various microbreweries, I found to be the strongest and most interesting.

Overall I'd have to recommend this documentary to anyone with an interest in beer and who it comes from, especially anyone who's tried brewing their own beer.

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