Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Nussy: Internet Celebrity? Director's Cut

While bored one day in between classes it was discovered through magical means (Google) (Ed. Note: Hey there big brother, how's it going?) that I was now in fact a bona fide internet celebrity.

Behold the bowels of the internet: IGN! Apparently after sending in a picture of me from Halloween last year they decided to give me an award of some sort.

I halfway resemble Johnny Depp! Women, commence swooning!

Also I'm pretty sure the definition of "nussy (v)" is one of the first hits for Nussy on Google.

I'm working my way up the food chain on this here internet. Now maybe more people will read this thing.

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Triumphant Return of Nussypaloozy

That's right children. Nussy's back to posting after the new year with some pearls of wisdom (Ed Note: There is probably no wisdom here.) and random thoughts to get 007 started off right (That 007 was pretty clever, right?) (Ed Note: So clever it was stolen from famous celebrities)

Firstly, while watching Studio 60 on NBC (Ed Note: Shameless plug), a thought popped into my head about the greatest reality show of all time. Remember that reality show Project Greenlight, or whatever it was called? Run by Matt Daemon and Douchebag Affleck? Well my idea is similar. Only instead of creating your own movie, it's their own reality show! So what I'm proposing, just to make sure we're all on the same page (Ed Note: Page 12), is a reality show where participants create their own reality shows. The best reality show, as chosen by a panel of judges or phone calls or some other bullshit, is then taken and turned into a real show! All the while the cameras are rolling creating MY reality show! Genius, right? It's so meta all of their heads will explode. And then no more reality shit will be made. (Ed Note: Except Beauty and the Geek. What a great self esteem booster. And it's unintentionally hilarious to boot!)

Secondly, I've been trying out some social experiments. The first was in Circuits class the other day. We arrive in the room and sitting next to me is a stack of handouts from the previous class. The previous class being Engineering Statistics, boring math crap that has nothing to do with our Circuits class. Anyway, I kept trying to give one of the sheets to my friend sitting next to me insisting that what he found on that sheet would answer any question he had. After repeated refusals, (Ed Note: Sounds a lot like someone's luck with women, ZING) I decided to take my help elsewhere. To the person sitting one row in front of me. I handed him the stack of papers. Lucky for me he took one. Even luckier for me he passed the rest of the stack on to the next row, where, you guessed it, the lemmings fell in line each taking a sheet and passing it. Never once did they bother to LOOK at the sheet and see it had nothing to do with the class we were in. If my friend and I hadn't burst into a fit of uncontrollable laughter we could have seen if anyone in the class would have raised an objection to the out of place subject matter. Sadly the jig was up.

On a completely unrelated note we also decided to try our hand at creating a facebook chain message because those appear to be all the rage these days. So if it appears you need a rowdy sexing don't be alarmed or offended. Just pass on the message to all of your friends deserving of that action and hope that the ladies line up! (Ed. Note: Seriously ladies, it's a first come, first serve basis with these things)

Finally I'm conducting a poll about my hair. Should I continue with the chin hairs or ditch them? Should I keep with the #2 buzzing on the top of my head or grow it out? This is a very scientific poll so it needs a large sample space. Don't hold back! I want honest answers people. What say you? (Ed Note: For all those who have advice on hair that grows 'elsewhere', those suggestions should probably be done in a more discrete fashion.)