Friday, December 22, 2006


 I'm making this blog post FROM my Wii. That is all.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Last Thursday was possibly the best Thursday I've had in a while

Reasons (in no particular order) why this past Thursday was the strongest Thursday of 2006 (maybe just the last few months):

1: New TV. I bought the TV Wednesday, but Thursday was the day I took it out of the box and set it up. It is large and awesome. And no ladies, I am not compensating for something. I firmly believe that a man's TV should be directly proportional to the size of manhood. (Ed. Note: Nussy does not have a 50 inch wide screen penis... but it is in 1080p high definition)

2: I got this email:
Dear Michael,

You placed an order online with jersey express for a buffalo sabres alternate jersey size medium. I do have this jersey in stock. I can have it ready for you on Friday the 22nd.


Thank you Stephanie from Jersey's Express. In exchange for this good fortune I'm giving you free advertising to all 10 people who read this blog. Go to and YOU TOO might be able to order a Buffalo Sabres jersey.

3: Breakfast sandwich consumed. I went to the SAU before classes and ate the best fucking sandwich in existence. It is by far the best meal on campus ever and is consistently tasty and delicious.

4: Jess came to visit from Buffalo. Loud, drunk, beer pong players scared her off before long however.

5: The Office was an hour long and HILARIOUS (Ed Note: Caps lock for extra hilariousness). Seriously, best episode of The Office this season and not just because Karen and Pam hanging out makes me root for Jim to get a threesome in. Also Scrubs was pretty damn funny.

Ways in which to build off of my successful Thursday and make the most out of the rest of this year.

1: Get Time Warner to give me the good HD cable box for some actual HD content on my new TV.

2: Pick up my jersey next week and then wear it whenever the Sabres play.

3: Eat more breakfast sandwiches next week at school.

4: Convince more people to visit my apartment. However I believe this will have to wait until after break, since I'm going home next weekend.

So there you have it. One last miscellaneous thing to consider:

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is a damn good movie. I watched it again last night and loved it just as much as the last 3 times I've seen it.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Scientific Poll

Circuit City has the TV I have been eyeing for the cheapest price I've seen it in stores ($1849.99). Amazon has it for $1629.99. However I can pick it up in the store with Circuit City (No having to make sure I'm home for the delivery) and they offer a no interest/no finance deal for 18 months. Therefore after tax I could spread it out and have it be about 115 bucks a month. That seems like a good deal for a 50 inch widescreen 1080p HD TV (the Samsung HL-S5087W) right?

That brings me to the Scientific Poll. Tell me if you think I should buy it. I'll scientifically manipulate the data afterwards to get the result I want, but regardless I'd like your input. Click the little "Leave a comment" link or IM me.

What say you?

Sunday, December 10, 2006

New and Different

Well I've gotten settled in my new apartment. Its interesting living on your own. For starters I have to learn how to cook. Currently I only know how to cook bacon, eggs, and easy mac. Guess what I had to eat for the past week? (Ed. Note: Pro Tip: Don't use a tupperware container to poor hot bacon grease into. The tupperware will 'change').

I hate parking at RIT. Although I guess its not nearly as bad as UB so I should stop complaining. And to that person whose spot I "stole" Friday, I appologize; but you can't claim a spot by being far past it and expecting to back into it without any blinkers on. Also I was about to give you the spot back but you drove off in a huff so I guess its true what they say "Quitters can't be winners" (Ed. Note: Is that what they say?)

I'm also not used to this whole "class and homework" thing. What's with all the sitting around in class? And then going home and doing more work? I just don't like it, I'm sorry.

Anyway, this blog post was largely unproductive in that I don't think I've come up with any funny material in it. (Ed. Note: Boo fucking hoo)