Thursday, June 28, 2007

Things to do in Canada with people from the internet

  1. Drink at 3 in the afternoon
  2. Sing karaoke at an outdoor bar
  3. Drink on a hotel balcony
  4. Cheer mini golf from said balcony
  5. Sing Oh, Canada at 3 am in a Burger King
  6. Drink and watch more mini golf. Hole in one is a free beer!
  7. Participate in a podcast where a chat log full of internet teen angst is read with accurate voice acting.
  8. Drink.
  9. Go to a club and get a temporary tattoo affixed to your side with an ice cube by two girls
  10. Drink.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Random Thoughts about Parenting

On the drive home my mind was wandering, as it often does while driving from beginning to end of Youngs Rd, and I had an interesting thought about parenting. Since Father's Day is Sunday I'll share with you this thought.

Back in the day your parents would always ask where you were going, who's house you were going to etc. Initially I thought, "damn the man, I don't want you to know where I am at all times! Where's the privacy!" And then my mind drifted to the practical reasons they want to know where you are. In the pre-cell phone era it was useful to know where your child was so you could get a hold of them if you needed to. This is a useful thing if there was an emergency, or just to let the child know if the parents were going somewhere themselves. Now that everyone and their mother (Ed Note: What a fitting turn of phrase) has a cell phone you don't need to know where someone is to get a hold of them.

Another reason parents want to know where their kids are is so they know they're not getting into trouble. Now parents, generally, aren't that naive. They know that if their kids are going to be getting into trouble they're going to be lying about where they're going anyway. Which made me wonder exactly why my parents always want to know where I'm going (I'm 21 now, but living at home for the summer) and I think I've got the real reason.

The real reason our parents always ask where we're going isn't so they know where we are all the time in a Big Brother sort of way, but because they want to live vicariously through us (Ed Note: Really it's what parents do best). They want to know what your plans are for Friday night because their plans for Friday night are probably to sit around at home and watch reruns of whatever's on television. They want to find out how many parties you're going to and what kind of drugs you're taking so they can imagine that they're your age again going to those parties and doing those drugs.

So sons and daughters reading this blog, I ask a favor of you. The next time your parents ask you what you're doing or where you're going. Tell them the truth, and be as vivid in your details as possible, because really, your parents live a boring life at home and you'd be a good child if you just gave them a little bit to be nostalgic about. (Ed Note: Nussy disappoints his father every night he doesn't hook up with a girl at a party or bring home an 'overnight guest')

Thursday, June 07, 2007

May, I'm sorry

It appears I missed the month of May. Here I was trying to make a post atleast once a week (or at least once every other week) and I seem to have completely missed the month of May all together. I blame exams, moving and starting my summer co-op for the reason (Ed Note: Not of course, the apparent lack of creativity and motivation to write). And now without turning this into a blog about how I don't blog enough, here's some random tidbits I find interesting.

1) The NHL seems to be recognizing the #1 reason people buy Slingboxes and is now embracing that technology. Seriously, does anyone know of a case where Hockey (or at least some Major League Sport) wasn't the main driving force behind a Slingbox purchase? Anyway, you'd think it would be a no-brainer to support such a device, since it broadens your market, and allows more viewers to tune in to your content. But for some reason the MLB has condemned Slingbox and wants it to burn in hell (Ed Note: My words, not theirs). This just seems to be one more reason why baseball sucks and hockey is better.

Source: Slingbox: A Tale of Two Leagues

P.S. Suck it Sens, the Disney team beat you for a Stanley Cup. How does it taste?

2) The Wii is outselling the PS3 5-1 now. It'd be funny if it weren't so damn embarrassing for Sony. (Ed Note: And if it weren't so damn hard to find a Wii in stores... good thing I have two now) Now Nintendo just has to release Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3 already. Oh and Microsoft, what's wrong with you for not putting an HD DVD player in your new XXX Extreme version of the 360. Seriously, I want an excuse to own some sort of high definition DVD player without buying one of those damn 800 dollar players, and if it also plays Halo 3 thats as good an excuse as any.

Source: Wii Outsells PS3 5-1

I was going to write about a third thing but for the life of me I can't figure out what it is, so I'll just leave you with this public service announcement:

Kids, drink responsibly.