Saturday, July 14, 2007

Nussy anecdotes

The time has come for Nussypaloozy to branch out from inane blogging and into something with more gravity. An attempt will be made to write a decent television pilot that will probably just be posted here. Or maybe filmed and thrown on youtube for mockery. Anyway, like most things we plan here at Nussypaloozy it won't get done. But in the off chance that it does we need ideas.

That's why I come to you, all 4 of you that read this. My memory is awful, but collectively we should be able to remember most of the good stuff. Since this will be a semiautobiographical I need anecdotes about my life. Only funny/pathetic ones. Leave them as comments or IM/email them to me. I won't get embarassed so as long as it actually happened. Anyway even if I don't use them it will be fun to get all nostalgic for days gone by where Nussy pulled a nussy.