Sunday, January 27, 2008

Studios respect Directors more than Writers

In a move that shocked no one, the Studios have inked a new deal with directors before they had a chance to join the writer's on strike. You see the Studios actually respect directors more than writers for some reason. Probably because (in the spirit of Ben Silverman's extended metaphor), while the writers are the nerdy, ugly kids trying to cancel prom, the directors are the semi-cool, smart kids, who help you with your homework... or something. The Actors are the jocks and cheerleaders clearly, except that in this case the jocks and cheerleaders and other cool kids are helping the nerdy, ugly kids, while all the band geeks and tech groups suffer (sound, editing, camera crews) What kind of crazy zany school is this?

Anyway, with the risk of Sr Prom being canceled (The Oscars. [Ed Note:Good thing no one cares about the Winter Band Recital, The Grammys] ), the Studios have begun super-double-secret negotiations with the writers. Hopefully a deal can be struck and I can watch like 3 episodes of The Office in April, saving myself from Senior Design insanity that will sure to be present at that time. Its funny really, because only after working it out with the Directors in record time, did the Studios realize "hmm maybe those demands aren't so reasonable at all". Or maybe the Studios did hate Animation and Reality TV Writers as much as they said they did.

Oh and I'm sure these renewed negations have nothing to do with the numerous side agreements the WGA has made with smaller companies (Lionsgate, Marvel Studios, The Weinstein Company, United Artists, Spyglass Entertainment, and Worldwide Pants, to name a few).

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