Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More Television Shows

I realized in my last television blog I promised to talk about more TV so here's a couple more shows I enjoy watching:

Weeds! Oh man Weeds is a good show. Its too bad its only on Showtime so I have to result to less respectable means to watch the newer seasons that aren't out on DVD yet. For whatever reason I get this weird craving for a morally ambiguous substance after watching a bunch of episodes in a row. That may be Kevin Nealon's fault. Anyway, this show is smart, funny, and did I mention Mary-Louise Parker is a smoking MILF?

Pushing Daises is also an awesome show. It's like they took everything awesome about Tim Burton movies and turned it in to a television show. (Ed Note: No Johnny Depp, however). If any of you have watched Wonderfalls (Ed Note:All 5 of you), the main character is Jaye's Brother. And he can bring people back to life and promptly return them to death, with a touch of his finger. What's not to like? Luckily ABC ordered a full season of this show so we'll get at least 20 something episodes, instead of the 6 episodes of Wonderfalls we got. Oh yeah and the supporting cast is pretty easy on the eyes as well.

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