Thursday, October 04, 2007

"Jim and Pam are together and 30 Rock is back. The Only Thing that can make this day better is ice cream."

Alright, I promised I'd write about something. And since my life is pathetic I decided to write about television. Television, that one glimmer in an otherwise dull and lifeless world.

So first things first. Jim and Pam, together at last. Could there be anything more adorable? The way they hold hands in last place, the way they affectionately display PDA's publicly next to the vending machines? What's not to love?


Alright, before I take this blog down a path less manly, lets discuss other aspects of The Office. Like how fucking funny it is so far this season. I'm liking Dwight more and more with each episode this season, Kevin took it up a notch in the premiere and Ryan became, well, kind of a dick. Seriously, he thinks he's so special, too bad he can't get any girl.

Well damn, maybe he can get any girl.

This brings me to my next topic, 30 Rock is baaaaack. Which means more Alec Baldwin, more Tina Fey, more Will Arnett guest starring (One can only hope) and more Katrina Bowden. Oh Cerie , I forgot how fucking gorgeous you are. Like seeing some chick you had a crush on for the first time in a long while, my heart was set a flutter when she arrived on screen. And I know what you're thinking, its ridiculous that I'm focusing so much on two hot chicks instead of the ridiculously funny shows they're both on. Well guess what, YOU'RE RIDICULOUS! You big stupid jerk, with your big stupid face!

Anyway, as far as new shows go, Journeyman seems pretty interesting, and I'm always a sucker for time travel so this will get my viewing time after Heroes (
Ed Note: And yes I still watch Heroes even though I find the plots stupid and predictable. And no it has nothing to do with Kristen Bell joining the cast. I just really like comic book stuff.)

Dear Kristen Bell, I'm sorry I never watched Veronica Mars I always meant to.
Will you still love me?

But what is with all the nerd shows coming out? Chuck, The IT Crowd (Ed Note: Is this even out yet?), The Big Bang Theory... all of which have some smoking hot chick that most likely eventually falls for one of the nerds because he's "so endearing". Apparently I'm not the only one noticing this trend, Ken Levine weighs in on it as well with a hilarious scenario. The whole thing pisses me off, here's an example of why:

Real Hot Chick Watching Show: Aww their so cute, I can see why she likes them. I bet they're really nice too. I'm going to go bang some hot guy now and never actually talk to anyone that looks like that, because that would just be weird.
Really, I could go on and on, but I'll let Ken do it for me. Click that link!

Tune in next time, true believers (
Ed Note: Please don't sue, Stan Lee) as I regale you with tales of utterly excellent television shows that may or may not contain hot chicks (Hint: One of them contains a MILF). And possibly things other than television (Ed Note: Movies perhaps?).

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