Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Why oh why?

I'm going to write a blog eventually about what it truly feels like to be me, and by extension a Buffalo sports fan, but I feel that's too narcissistic too soon. (Ed Note: Also I'd break down crying and I don't want to visit that place quite yet) Instead I'll leave you with some choice remarks about this evenings sporting event (Ed Note: And My remarks about the remarks):

(Screen names "modified" to protect the innocent)

monkeyshine35: i hate being a buffalo sports fan

(Ed Note: Straight and to the point)

Nu SS y1 66: ESPN just demonstrated EXACTLY how it feels to be a Buffalo fan
SOCceR145: i
SOCceR145: no words
SOCceR145: i got nothing

(Ed Note: Being speechless is a common reaction)

adp8rit: go bills

(Ed Note: His dry sarcasm hurts the most)

Nu SS y1 66: That was like watching a literal metaphor sink a giant shipping vessel
chriswro: yea i havent known how to feel for the last 30 mins

(Ed Note: And your esteemed author confuses similes and metaphors in confusing ways)

Nu SS y1 66: As your older brother I feel I should say something to you in a time like this
Nu SS y1 66: but I've got nothing
nusisloo: i'm gonna start cutting myself
nusisloo: right now

(Ed Note: Self mutilation and suicide is never the answer, even when it seems like the only one.)

PolandRules1: i just want you to know, i dont wanna talk about it

(Ed Note: Winner)

If anyone else wants to contribute, there's that "Comments" section to post in.


(Ed Note: Click for larger. Ignore the red striped one, its an outlier)
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