Sunday, December 10, 2006

New and Different

Well I've gotten settled in my new apartment. Its interesting living on your own. For starters I have to learn how to cook. Currently I only know how to cook bacon, eggs, and easy mac. Guess what I had to eat for the past week? (Ed. Note: Pro Tip: Don't use a tupperware container to poor hot bacon grease into. The tupperware will 'change').

I hate parking at RIT. Although I guess its not nearly as bad as UB so I should stop complaining. And to that person whose spot I "stole" Friday, I appologize; but you can't claim a spot by being far past it and expecting to back into it without any blinkers on. Also I was about to give you the spot back but you drove off in a huff so I guess its true what they say "Quitters can't be winners" (Ed. Note: Is that what they say?)

I'm also not used to this whole "class and homework" thing. What's with all the sitting around in class? And then going home and doing more work? I just don't like it, I'm sorry.

Anyway, this blog post was largely unproductive in that I don't think I've come up with any funny material in it. (Ed. Note: Boo fucking hoo)


ace said...

ohh i can't stop laughing at the "changed" tupperware, don't really know why...

Nussy said...

You should have SEEN the tupperware.