Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Times, they are a changing

Well its been brought to my attention recently that I haven't posted on here in a while. Let's see... I've been busy with things, mostly the new Nintendo Wii. Man is that fun.

Also the Buffalo Sabres have been doing exceptionally well. Which has sparked my quest to obtain a jersey. Not just any jersey, mind you, but the alternate home jersey, since the new logo sucks. This quest has led me to JerseyExpress.com which 'appears' to have Sabres jerseys in stock. However after poking around their site I discovered this gem (Emphasis mine):
"Jersey Express is based in Buffalo, NY and has been serving sports fans since 1993."

Which leads me to believe that they are out of stock. However I have placed an order so we'll see how it goes.

In other news I'm going back to RIT (Ed Note: Finally) at the end of the week. Which means no more fixed income from my co-op and more homework but no class on Friday. So we've got a bit of good along with the bad. Also I'll probably miss everyone in Buffalo I've hung out with, but I'll probably see them often enough they won't even notice I've left town. Also, if they really wanted to they could visit me in my new apartment in Rochester during their long winter break of which I get a measly 2 weeks (Ed Note: Damn you quarter system).

And I'll leave you with an observation about how women are crazy. This is by no means a unique observation and I'm sure many of you will probably have already noticed this but I found it interesting none the less.

When a woman says they "just want someone who cares about them" what they really mean is they "just want the one person they care about to care about them back". (Ed Note: This observation is infallible as it is based on hard scientific research and multiple sources of information)


ace said...

nice post. its true... i really would like the one person i care about to care about me back, but that is not going to happen anytime soon. and about visiting you over our long break, i would definitely like to do that, and btw i will realize u aren't in town b/c i have no more wednesday lunch buddy :( annnnddd i will miss our monday tv time. basically life will suck when you go back.

chris said...

nussy theres a lot of ads about teen pregnancy on this site, is there something you're not telling us

chris said...

i realized that means you would have had to have been with a woman. my bad.

that was kinda mean but im ok with it

Nussy said...

Chris, you're adorable

joey joe joe said...

pfft the real chris would never admit to being mean...even if he is ok w/ it

Anonymous said...

Oh dear god nussy, oh dear god

Nussy said...

Alright Anonymous. Fess up!

Anonymous said...

its julie -it wont let me click on the 'other'....did you think it was anyone else??