Friday, October 27, 2006

Semi-serious Posts

I'm going to start doing some semi-serious posts here. They're serious in the fact that they deal with real issues that aren't TV shows, they're semi because they piss me off, like semi-sweet chocolate. Seriously, be milk or dark, non of this mulatto crap (Ed. Note: Oh dear god racism).

I'm going to preface all of these discussions with a disclaimer. The things I talk about are "inspired by" events that have occurred in real life but by no means are about these events or the people that inspired them. (Ed. Note: Like most "based on a true story" movies the things mentioned here, while based on real life, aren't allowed to offend you or make you mad because they're only loosely based. Sorry.)

Let's talk a minute about everyones favorite topics Politics and Religion. I clump them together because a lot about politics that pisses me off is because of religion.

People that know me know I'm not a big fan of this God character. In high school I was a big atheist thinking anything to do with God was crazy. As I've matured I've realized that a better way to go is Agnostic. I mean while there's no proof as to say God exists, there's also no proof that says God can't exist. Furthermore after reading up on it I've found I'm pretty much an Apathetic Agnostic. I mean who really cares if God exists or not? He clearly doesn't care about any of the stuff I'm doing. I think that's one of the things that really bothered me about the whole God thing. If he is this omniscient, omnipotent character then why would he be concerned about anything thats happening here on this insignificant speck of the universe called Earth. Seriously, its ok to believe God created everything everywhere, I don't know who started it all, but seriously do you know how small you are in the grand scheme of things? If this God exists he's most definately not paying any attention to us.

Furthermore, why should we care if other people think God exists, or which god(s) exists? Is it really any of our business? If you think someone else is wrong let them go on their own merry way ignorant of the "truth". This leads into evolution, a religion all its own. Why is it that people who believe in evolution insists on it being the "proof there's no god" and why do religious people insist that evolution is stupid?

First of all, Evolution clearly exists. It's well documented, so stop trying to tell me that God created everything and it never changes. Why can't you just accept evolution and incorporate it into your belief system? Is it such a stretch that God created evolution? Is that such a terrible thing? Wouldn't that just strengthen your view of how powerful he is? Seriously what kind of being could have the foresight to incorporate a mechanism in his creations so they automatically fix themselves. I wish things I made were able to automatically correct their flaws and and adapt to their surroundings.

But oh no you say (Ed. Note: Who says?) , the bible tells us that God created the world in seven days. Keep this in mind, the bible was written by man not God. Man probably screwed up. What if what God told Mr. Bible Writer was misinterpretted. What if each "day" was actually a large number of years? Seriously he's God, 1,000 years could seem like a day to him. So stop with "The Bible tells us", it's flawed because humans wrote it and humans are flawed.

So how many people are still reading? Three? Good. (Ed. Note: That means we lost one, not too shabby)

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