Friday, October 27, 2006

Semi-serious Posts II: The Island of Lost Dreams

Now for the religion-fueled politics. Guess what that means we'll be talking about? Abortion and Gay Marriage! Hurray! (Ed. Note: There go the last three readers)

Abortion (and Stem Cell research) (Ed. Note: The media now lumps them together so we can too!) are a sensitive topic. There are those that are pro-life that believe anything is living, and then there are those who believe a woman has a choice on whether to have an abortion or not. I, myself am pro-death pro-choice. This ties in with my Apathetic agnostic view. Seriously it's up to the woman, why should I care what she does with the genetic matter sitting inside her. A dime sized zygote is not living. Sure it has the "potential" to be a living thing, but so are sperm and eggs. You don't see anyone flipping out when it's "that time of the month" for a woman, or "that time of the day when there's nothing to do" for a man, do you? Seriously, leave them alone.

Now for something thats even more of a non-issue than abortion, (Ed. Note: Abortion is kind of an issue, but then again it's more of an issue when you're sexual active. ZING!!!), Gay Marriage. Leave them the fuck alone. If they want to marry what fucking difference does it make to you? Will you love your spouse less if Faggy McFaggerson and Fruity McGayGay promise to love each other through sickness (AIDS) and health (Before the AIDS), 'til death (From AIDS, of course) due them part? (Ed Note: Oh dear that last sentence is not going to be good for business). "Oh no! They ruined the sanctity of marriage!" you say. (Ed Note: Again, who says?) But then when I try to tell you that you're wrong, you're too busy watching "Joe Millionare" and "Who wants to marry my dad?" to listen to me. Who's ruining the sanctity of what now?

I have a theory. It involves HMO's and the IRS. I'm pretty sure they're the ones behind this anti-gay marriage movement. They don't want Faggy McFaggerson and Fruity McGayGay to file under the marriage tax bracket or be covered by their spouses health care. That's what this is about, isn't it? Money. Nelly was right all along. Now seriously, leave them alone.

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