Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tumbling through the blogosphere

So there's this thing called tumblr that's like some sort of Micro-blogging site. Since Nussypaloozy has gotten a little stagnant I figured I'd spice things up. Now Nussypaloozy.blogspot.com has a sister site located at nussypaloozy.tumblr.com. It's like this sites kid brother or something. Anyway, I don't think anyone reads this site so I doubt anyone will read that one either.


Marci said...

hey dude - i have a sister blog too!!!!


miss you

Anonymous said...


My name is Laura Wise and I am an intern at ABC Family/Disney. I am contacting you because one of our websites: Virtualrush.com is interested in featuring celebrity, guest college-aged bloggers. I came across your blog and thought it would be a good match for what we are looking for! Basically we would ask you to post existing blog material or create new blogs for the site (2 a week) in exchange for us linking back to your blog. Virtualrush.com is a social networking site that is specifically for college-aged people. It is tied to one of our networks most popular shows: GREEK. At this point we have over 20,000 members, therefore significant traffic to our site. This could bring some great exposure to your blog. “Guest blogging” is a new concept for the site; we will test it out over the summer and see how it goes. If this interests you please respond to this address and I will send you more information.

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Laura Wise
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