Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Studios don't seem to get it.

Continuing coverage of the writer's strike continues here. And yes we're a big bunch of hypocrites (Ed Note: Writing in the plural first person is a form of a delusion of grandeur) for writing blogs after saying we're not writing as long as the writers are on strike, but what the hell. Speaking of hypocrites, look what the Studios have said about the magical world of the Internet! This of course coming from the same people who insisted the there's no way to know how the Internet will work out and therefore residuals on Internet based media shouldn't be discussed.

Now I'm confused. Is the Internet making money for people or is it not? Maybe Al Gore, the inventor of the Internet has something to say about it?

Hmmm, I guess he's busy. Until next time, stay safe. And remember, the free market will take care of global warming... if it even exists!

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