Thursday, September 21, 2006

Welcome to this

Hey. You've stumbled upon Nussypaloozy, a site to catalogue everything that is Nussy. What it is to be Nussy. The site will most likely be pretty sparse since I'm lazy, but isn't that the whole point? If this site was updated every day then I'd be betraying to you, my humble readers (Ed Note: too soon to actually make that plural), and denying your opportunity to experience everything Nussy.

Yeah I talk in the third person a lot, so sue me (Ed. Note: please don't).

What I envisioned initially for Nussypaloozy would be a site cataloguing my complete and utter failures in every aspect of life except academia. Except to do that I'd have to talk about the people involved in the failures and those people are probably the only people reading this blog. I mean I could change the names, but it'd only be a matter of time before Eric realized I was talking about him when I wrote about Merick and Bulissa can only stand up so long before Melissa says it out loud. And honestly is Steve really going to think I have another friend with the last name Delinski?'

So where does that leave us? In exactly the same place I started. If my accounts of wooing women filter across the tubes of the interweb to said attempted wooed women and thereby ruin my chances with these fair lasses (Ed. Note: Fair lasses?) isn't that just continuing the Nussy way?
(Ed Note: If the above paragraph was confusing to read, don't worry it was just as confusing to write.)

Wow this turned out to be a lot longer introduction to Nussypaloozy than I'd thought. For the lazy I'll summarize for you:
1) New blog about Nussy
2) Just started, new stuff will be added

Indubitably yours,

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